28 Apr 2013

My Community. My Universe.

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Yesterday, I wrote about perspective and desire. I mentioned that I had recently reached out to the universe asking for help. To be fair, I think I cried out to the universe in desparation. The path that followed was nothing I could have expected or predicted Read more

27 Apr 2013

What do you see?

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I put a call out to the universe not to long ago, asking for help. I felt so lost. I could not have anticipated the response I would get, and even more importantly the change it would catalyze in my mind. Read more

12 Sep 2012

Dear Burner,

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Dear burner,

My lovely burner, I’m sorry it has taken me a while to write. The return from the burn this year has been a little tougher than most. More rushed than in the past. Being “homeless” hasn’t helped either, always on the move, with no place to leave the wonderful piles of playafied stuff that are signs of both procrastination as well as a way of holding on as long as possible to the life we all enjoyed for a week. Read more

24 Oct 2011

I hold on to the words

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Why don’t I write more often…?

I wonder this all the time. Every time I remember I have a blog, that hasn’t been updated; every time my life slows down enough for me to sit and think; every time I am so overwhelmed that my head swims with thoughts, worries and concerns that need to come out and take shape, hoping to form themselves into something that makes more sense than they do in my head.

But I hold on to the words…hold on until they disappear, or at least blend into the background enough to be ignored or forgotten. But why…?

Its the reality of it all. When I write I am exposed. I hold back very little and focus even less. I open my mind, my heart, myself to all who will listen (or rather, read)

But why should that be a scary thought? Why should opening up be intimidating when the truly terrifying idea to not be heard at all.

This weekend I was connecting with some old friends and meeting some new ones and I began to realise that modesty is a very funny thing. We learn from a very young age that it’s good to be modest, good to be humble. But there is a fine line between humble and aloof.

I am blessed with many amazing friends and love that I get to meet more all the time and hear from them who they are with pride an confidence.

A person who does not talk about themselves can easily be perceived as disconnected or veiled. And a person who cannot talk about themselves with pride in who they are can easily be perceived as having something to hide. The world is full of so many amazing people, and it seems that we all owe it to each other to open up more and share who we are, and not as some boring tale of non-threatening averageness, but as a vivid account of what make each of us great in our own way.

So once again I let the words go and look to maintain momentum and keep them flowing for a while, or least until the next time I let fear stand in the way of my words.

10 Apr 2011

Manifestation vs Gratitude

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Those of us who dabble in personal development are pretty familiar with the idea of manifestation. Whether you have seen The Secret, read 4hr Work Week, watched What the Bleep (btw the follow-up Ghetto Physics is pretty awesome!) or just have a solid vocabulary, you probably understand the idea of being able to bring into existence that which you truly set your mind to. Read more

02 Apr 2011

Confidence in the Dark

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Am I more afraid of failure or of success? I was contemplating this question this morning and I had koan moment. (For those of you who don’t know a koan is a zen question that has no real answer but is meant to make you ponder a deeper truth)

The thought I am turning around and around in my head now is “is there a difference?” Read more

18 Feb 2011

The Road Trip of Life

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I was thinking about this today…actually that is not totally true, I was kinda complaining to a friend in order to get myself motivated (a very bad habit in terms of manifesting, but that will be for another post) and had this realization. Life is very much a road trip. Filled with all of the antics, the boredom, the beauty, the traffic, the quiet towns, the wrong turns, the whole lot.

My rant was that I find myself on cruise control right now, and its time to start  driving again. Don’t get me wrong cruise control isn’t a bad thing. (Run with me on this for a minute if you will) Read more

20 Jan 2011

Returning to Learning (part 1)

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I have always believed that I lived a life in which I was continously learning, always growing, but now I wonder.

I am a student again, a student of life, a seeker of knowledge. One who desires to understand. I am a student again, with new occupations, new challenges, and an opportunity to set my ego aside and say “I don’t know, teach me” Read more

12 Oct 2010

The Many Faces of Passion

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I’m speechless…I often find myself speechless when I see pure expressions of passion. Ok, obviously not speechless, but moved and inspired.

There are many ways that I define passion. In my own words I would say the definitions is: Read more

08 Oct 2010

On Self-Censorship…

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This post is more of an exercise than anything else. I have NOT been writing, I have NOT been creating, I have NOT been flowing, I have NOT been open. I HAVE been struggling. But why? Read more