Who I am is a mystery to most, but probably to me more than any. I have walked in many shoes, imagined myself to be many things, and learned, always learned along the way.

This site is my place to bring it all into perspective. My interests, my activities, my adventures and my ideas. In the pages of this site you will find writings about my travels, my career goals, my passions and my way of thinking.

I will try to write often and in detail. I will be cohesive and diverse at the same time. (Read: all over the place, but with a theme) I will write, from the heart and from the gut without censoring. I will write for those of you who care, for those of you who wonder, for those of you who are curious, but most of all I will write for me; to put things into perspective; to capture the details of the events and the thoughts behind the actions; to understand the experiences I am coming from and heading toward and make them all a little more real.

So if you choose to read a lot or very little, thank you, and I don’t care, because I write for me…this time…its for me.