18 Feb 2011

The Road Trip of Life

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I was thinking about this today…actually that is not totally true, I was kinda complaining to a friend in order to get myself motivated (a very bad habit in terms of manifesting, but that will be for another post) and had this realization. Life is very much a road trip. Filled with all of the antics, the boredom, the beauty, the traffic, the quiet towns, the wrong turns, the whole lot.

My rant was that I find myself on cruise control right now, and its time to start  driving again. Don’t get me wrong cruise control isn’t a bad thing. (Run with me on this for a minute if you will)

When you are going 90mph cruise control is a bad idea, in general, but a blessing if the road is easy enough and there is nothing in your way. When you find yourself in one of these stages of life, usually the last thing you want to do is be passive. Its exciting, but you need to be attentive, obstacles come fast, and even a simple pothole can be disastrous.

When your going 65 cruise control can be a good thing. It improves your mileage, gives you time to think and the miles tend to go by pretty quickly still. These are the easy days of life, god time to reflect and connect without worrying much about the road and where your heading.

If you are going 45 and you are on cruise control, you’re asking for it. You are probably getting honked at a lot, you feel tense and distracted. It altogether feels wrong, and worst of all, you’re not getting anywhere very fast. You feel as much like stopping as you do continuing on. The road trip is a grind, not a journey.

Right now I feel like I’m sliding into the last category. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some great bursts, and have stopped to see some great sites in small towns, but I am also very aware that I have been eyeing that cruise control button. But, in line with the metaphor, this is no time to set my speed. Its time to accelerate. Time to speed a little and risk getting a ticket in order to knock down some serious miles. Both hands on the wheel, confident in the direction that I am heading, eyes on the road, crank up some tunes…not stopping until I need to refuel.

The road trip is about to get interesting again. Hang on!

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  1. Panda~ says:

    Don’t go 45 mph… That is not your nature. Speed… and let your enthusiasm and light inspire all those around you. That is your nature… You know to cruise if the scenery is passing you by too fast to appreciate.

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